Prints for RA the Rugged Man

We were asked to print some different items for RA the Rugged Man last month. We’ve done a bunch of t-shirt printing for him, but this time around his team was looking for dog tags and camo 5-panel hats. Always up for a challenge, we took this one head on.

Screen printing the dog tags was a little tricky because they have a little thickness to them and the print we were asked to do was really tiny. Decided to go with a black one-shot enamel for printing on the metal because everything else wiped right off during our initial print tests. The final prints looked great and we’re happy with the way they turned out.

The hats were pretty straight forward. Used the low-profile hat screen so that we could get the print close to the brim on the hat press we created last year. Results were solid, even on the camo hats.

Sandwich boards for Orchard Skateshop

We recently collaborated with our sign painter friend Kenji Nakayama of Need Signs Will Paint on a beautiful set of sandwich boards for Orchard Skateshop in Allston. Screen printing was needed for this project because Orchard wanted to display a series of small brand logos that were just too small to hand paint.

Sign-painters enamel was used for the ink, both to match the colors of the work Kenji was doing as well as making sure the imagery would survive the elements everyday in Allston. With the added difficulty of printing enamel and the fact that there was no margin for error on the signs, I asked Kenji to let me print before he painted the signs.

Unfortunately, he had already painted them! I received two beautiful signs, ready to receive the brand logos. If I messed up my prints, Kenji would have to paint his entire sign over again or we’d have to come up with another solution.

The print gods were smiling on me as I worked on this project. The results are amazing and I’m happy to share the photos from this successful set of prints.

Screen Printed glass bottles

Our friends from Blanc Agency reached out with a challenge for us last month: “Can you print glass bottles?” A large part of what we do day in and day out is educate people about our process. We’re constantly talking about screen printing’s benefits, its limits, when to use it, and when to look elsewhere. Somewhere in the explanation we end up saying something along the lines of “we can print anything flat.”

We decided to run a few tests. The client sent us the artwork and it was much smaller than we had anticipated AND they wanted the print in white on a dark bottle. So basically, all the odds were against us in getting this right.

After running a few tests and working out some kinks, we were actually able to get a quality print on a consistent basis. We used a One Shot enamel and rolled the prints out onto the bottles. Pat and Cait of Blanc shot this abstract process video below which I absolutely love as it captures so much of the studio and the intensity of doing something this meticulous.

Successful screen printing on glass bottles

CMYK Wedding Gift print

My friend and talented artist Keith Zulawnik reached out last month, looking for help with his one year wedding anniversary gift. He had this really nice photo of him and his wife (also talented artist Renee Kurilla!) that he wanted printed using a hand-printed CMYK process. This type of printing has been my favorite process over the last year or so and I jumped at the opportunity. Check out the process photos below… really happy with this one!

12 Reasons to Die

We recently had the opportunity to collaborate with Get On Down on a Deluxe Edition of Ghostface Killah’s latest album, 12 Reasons to Die. Produced by Adrian Younge, the album has been described as a movie for your ears and is a must listen as far as we’re concerned.

When we started creating the boxes for the Deluxe Edition, our friend Samps came to the studio and created this process video:

While that video was being made, we had the idea to create the print you see in that video (3-color print on white box) onto some wood panels Jay LaCouture had been doing his personal work on. The wood panels were just a little bit smaller than the white boxes, but we improvised the press for the couple pieces we created. The sentiment was that we all do so much work with each other and we’re so busy getting all these projects done, we never take the time to say thank you. And that’s all it was.

We printed two wood panels that day and surprised the folks at Get on Down with the prints. They looked great and Matt and crew responded to them really well. 10 minutes later, we’re discussing creating a Private Press version of the album that included the wood panels along with a slew of other items. The rest is history. We created 100 wood panels for the Private Press edition and they sold out on Get on Down in about 48 hours or so.

Pat Falco: Sentimental Gesture Prints

This Saturday, January 19th, international man of mystery Pat Falco shows new and recent works at Thomas Young Studios in South Boston. Pat reached out to us to create some posters for the event, and we were happy to work on this one-color split fountain print. The prints create a nice twilight feel, and we had a lot of fun creating them. Check the process shots below, and the video teaser for the event on Saturday… and swing by if you’re in the neighborhood – they’ll be tons and tons of work.

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