Background work

It’s been a really rainy summer on the east coast so far. The sunny days has been few and far between since about middle of May. The good thing out of all these grey days is that I’ve had the chance to dig my feet in and get into some new artwork. This past week has been really productive… I’ve had both trouble & success with converting sketches into digital pieces. I’ve posted a couple things in the designs section of anti’s site. Here’s an earlier version of one of them.

From the sketchbook: Sowa Freshner

This is a sketchbook piece that I drew during the first day of the 2008 South End Holiday Market. We had a tight little nook between our friends Trisha & LeiAnne, who provided company during some of the weekends slower moments.

Check back for lots more sketchbook work here. As we feel out how this blog thing will work out, let us know there’s something you’ve been wanting to see more of from us.

Hello and Goodbye

We’ve been meaning to start a blog for a long time and are happy you have found your way here.

A good place to start this whole thing is with the big change that’s happened with us this year. Stiles, one of our founders back in 04, has stepped out of an owner’s role at the beginning of this year. We’d like to thank him for everything he’s done to get us to where we’re at, especially especially especially in the printing department. He hopes to continue working with us on an art-only level in the small amount of free time that he has.

Big ups to Mr. Stiles and we hope that he continues to be involved in antiDesigns in any way he can.

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