CMYK Adventure Print : Process

4-color process printing is something every printer drools about as they learn how to screen print. The general gist is you use Cyan Magenta Yellow K-black inks overlapping each other to create a full color image. Many years in the making, and after one complete fail attempt, we successfully created this 16×12″ 4-color process print of a photograph taken at Boston’s reflecting pool in the Back Bay. Below are some process shots taken during the creation of the print, which is available for purchase in the art print section of our store.

Evoker Owl Print in Red

The last batch of Evoker Owl prints (in the orange, blue, and brown colorway) sold out pretty quickly between sales here and off of Evoker’s site. He decided to put together another colorway, and they look great. Had a lot of fun printing these 18"x18" prints as the last run on our old, mini drying rack. Evoker has just released 5 of the prints on his products page, and we have just 1 print to sell here. Check out the process pics below:

Pre press setupColor TestsLast use of RackOrange ScreenOrange LayerNew RackPrecut Prints

Evoker Owl Red Print

Matthew Zaremba: Beautiful Then Gone

Matthew Zaremba is a multimedia artist who splits his time between Brooklyn and Boston. His work draws influence from an upbringing that instilled in him the importance of adventure, freedom and individuality, and from his experiences and involvement in criminal subcultures.

In 2011 he shifted his creative focus to photography and created “Beautiful Then Gone”, a project that serves as a means to capture the human condition and the inevitability of life’s fleeting moments. His work has been exhibited throughout the US and has been featured on various international sites.

And let me tell you, he takes a mean photo. Be on the lookout for a Matt Zaremba x AntiDesigns collabo in the very near future.

(all images copyright Matt Zaremba)

antidesigns x btg

Get On Down x Anti Designs USA present: Dinosaur L (Arthur Russell)

This summer we had the privilege to work with Boston’s own Get On Down on a project of epic proportions. We were asked to print the outer boxes and record jackets for a Limited Edition 4xLP box of Dinosaur L (Artur Russel). With a print total well into the tens of thousands, this projectwill forever be the face of the summer of 2011. Below are some of the process photos taken throughout life of this project.
dinosaur L Screen Printed Boxes

Prints on the back of the outer box

artur Russel Prints

Record #4 drying on the rack

boston Screen Printed Records

Summer in the city :: caught this while snapping some print run photos

custom Drying Rack 1

Built a custom drying rack for the sleeves for this project

custom Drying Rack 2

Custom rack shot #2

screen Printed Records
print Tally

This madness is the print schedule we kept up over the summer.
Things got hectic that last week of August

screen Printed Jackets