National Poster Retrospecticus Tour

The National Poster Retrospecticus is a collection of over 300 hand printed event posters touring the USA in April of 2013.

Our close friends at Lincoln Arts Project, in collaboration with JP Boneyard, are taking their NPR event on the road next spring, but to do so they need your help! They have started a kickstarter and are on the way to reaching their funding goal.

Give them a hand by following the link to the kickstarter.

National Poster Retrospecticus Photos

Had a really good time at the NPR show last month. The event was packed, the artwork was amazing, and now there’s a well-designed website to commemorate the show at We live printed show posters during the event, and anyone who purchased a poster upstairs got a free poster from the set we were creating. Here’s some photos we took during the event:

Live Printing @ National Poster Retrospecticus

National Poster RetrospecticusRECEPTION: Friday, March 23, 7-10 PM (Sponsored by Narragansett)
Featuring Live Printing from Jay LaCouture of Anti Designs

Show Dates: March 14 – April 14
Gallery Hours: Wed – Fri 4-9 PM, Sat 2-8 PM or by appointment.

INFO: Lincoln Arts Project presents National Poster Retrospecticus a collection of hand-printed posters from 50+ local, regional, and national artists, curated by JP Boneyard.


Aaron Draplin
Aesthetic Aperatus
Alphabet Arm Design
Amy Jo
Andrew Kokoszka
Bee Teeth
Brian Butler
The Bubble Process
Clif Stoltze
Concepcion Studios
Curtis Jenkins
Daniel Danger
Dan Hartshorn
Dan McCarthy
Dan Stiles
David Sizemore
Decoder Ring
Doe Eyed
Eric R. Mortensen
Fish McGill
George W. Myers
Hatch Show Print
Ian Cozzens
James Weinberg
Javier Garcia
JP Boneyard
Justin Gonyea
Lil Tuffy
Lisa Rosowsky
Michael Swiatlowski
Mike Swartz
Mikey Burton
Modern Dog
Nate Duval
Picket Design
Repeat Press
Richie Stewart
Rosie Ranauro
Ryan Brinkerhoff
Shed Labs
Silent Giants
Starshaped Press
Studio on Fire
Tad Carpenter
Tara McPherson
Two Arms Inc.
Ty Wilkins
Union Press
Wilding Davis and Co.

Parking in rear of building, and on street.

Accessible by:
Commuter Rail (Stops in Porter Sq & North Station)
70, 70A (Central Sq/Allston/Brighton)
170 (Back Bay, Dudley Sq)
505, 553, 554, 556, 558 (Downtown Boston)

Check MBTA trip planner: