Man With the Iron Fists Screen Prints

AntiDesigns got the opportunity to print a limited edition version of the Man With the Iron Firsts Soundtrack for our homies at Get On Down. Limited to 500 pieces, the 12″ red vinyl is comes in jackets screen printed in our studio in South Boston.

The double vinyl soundtrack is housed in two separate jackets. We pulled a one-color title print on the front of each jacket, and for the back prints we pieced each of the 2 jackets together to create a 2-color print that spans across both jackets. The result is a pair of album jackets screen printed in such a way that no two pairs will be alike.

For purchasing information, head over to Get on Down, they are going quickly though.

Here are a couple process shots taken in the studio. Check out the full photoset of process pics on our Facebook page.
man with the iron fists screen printed jackets man with the iron fists soundtrack screen prints

It goes without saying, but being kung-fu movie fanatics, we’re super excited to be working on this project. If you haven’t checked out the trailer for the new film, give it a watch, this movie looks like a future classic.