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Jay LaCouture

Co-founder of AntiDesigns, Jay has been day-dreaming of having his characters on t-shirts since he was in elementary school. Attempted partnerships failed time and time again, countless all-talk no-action types failed to break the stride of a disciplined kid who knew what he wanted.

In 2000 Jay moved from the heart burbs to the Bean for college. It was here that he first met Slash and his cronies, and from there the madness began. In 2004 the first shirts were printed, with no venture capital or investors aside from their own pockets. The rest is history...


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By day Mark Stiles bends the web to his will. During his off hours he indulges in creative thought and expression. His art speaks from pain and discipline which life provides in abundance. He's been known to Work in various forms including poetry, drawing, painting, film, glass and wood.

His life along with his art is heavily influenced by Luke his older brother, music and the fast pace of city life.

He strives to create captivating work that represents Boston, his home, as a respected source of meaningful art.


Tumultuosity and Creativity are the fuel that burns the fire in this designers mind. When she's not changing the way we think she's changing what we think about.

Team Members

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Mikey Maker started out as a self trained street artist and wound up going to College for Civil Engineering. Today his artist style brings those two very different worlds together in the form of bold geometric paintings. He is also a screen printer and is looking to further his career as an artist by mastering that trade.

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theCharles currently spend his days in Brand Development for The Boston Beer Company (NYSE: SAM) and he spends his nights and weekends pursuing various interests and projects.

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Auks One

Thomas "Auks One" Lucero was born and raised in Bakersfield, California in the year 1980. He began drawing soon after realizing he was right handed and remained intent on honing his craft, referencing any and all types of art that caught his interest.

He drew much of his inspiration from Chicano tattoo art, cartoons: foreign and domestic, skateboard graphics, and later Hip Hop culture and high Renaissance drawings. Auks is a self-taught artist who has worked diligently over the years to refine his skills in every form of artistic expression he has tried his hand at. Through concentrated practice and keen observation, he has been able to apply the techniques he has learned to each of his envisioned inventions. While he is best known for his graffiti inspired illustrations and murals his work has inevitably spread to the gallery circuit catching the attention of various companies and collectors. Recently inducted into the world renowned graffiti crew XMEN, Auks has solidified his place as one of the greats while remaining focused on ascension and truthful self-expression.

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Ryan Robidoux (Evoker) is a professional graphic designer/ painter currently living in the beautiful city of Boston. He has created murals for such clients as Coca Cola Japan, Nickelodeon, Lab Boston, Proletariat, Chuck D and Adidas. Ryan is currently the art director of Fast Life Urethane, a skateboard wheel company, and has created skateboard deck graphics for Hessen Mob, 7ply, Orchard, Proletariat, Civil, Watershed, Gansett Juice, and Academy. Ryan has been interviewed and featured in Peel Magazine, Issues 1 and 7, and is currently featured in the book Peel: The Art of the Sticker. He has also exhibited paintings and installations at art shows including the One Way gallery in Rhode Island, Lab Boston in Boston, SXSW festival in Texas, St. Robots Day Massacre in New York, Vinyl Killers in Oregon and has a piece currently on display in the Street Art collection at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

When not working, Ryan can be found obsessing over old skateboard graphics, making stickers and exploring the city.

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Josh Falk

Josh Falk is a Boston based multimedia artist. Falk's work originates from his exploration with his best friend, the camera. Continuously engaged by perspective and the environment around him. Falk breaks down his photos to simpler forms and often rebuilds them, infusing elements of spray paint, design collage, and building techniques.

Josh Falk collages his background experience in skateboarding, academics, urban exploration, and inner emotion into interesting visual products which have been published in magazines, shown in galleries, and can also be seen on the Internet at www.JoshFalk.com.

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Nick Z

A multimedia artist whose work ranges from large-scale mural paintings to commercial design is influenced by the defiance and attitude of youth, color, and everyday interaction and adventure.

Residing between Boston and New York, he has exhibited extensively on the East Coast and globally from Hong Kong to Montreal. Most notably,he was part of a two-person exhibition at Gladstone Gallery in New York, as well as being featured in the nationally juried publication New American Painters. Nick Z's work has been acquired by prestigious collections, including Takashi Murakami's, and his commercial design clients have included Toy2R and PEPSI.

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Keith Zoo

Keith Zoo is an illustrator in Boston. His work, whether it's digital or traditional, usually has a focus on character design. Since he uses Flash at his job at FableVision studios, it's only natural that his personal work would follow suite. He now sketches, inks and paints directly in that program on a majority of his illustrations.

Definitely influenced from classic illustrators like Alphonse Mucha and Arthur Rackham, with also a bit of James Jean and Mike Mignola.

Check out more of his work at www.zoolawnick.com

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Fish McGill

Priding himself on being "an artist devoted to drawing," Fish McGill's work uses characters to communicate and question his involvement in and perception of society. He focuses on robots as literal and metaphorical machines that convey ideas on what it means to be human.

According to Fish the robots "are each trying to fit in as members of society, beyond their limited functionality. You could say they're in over their heads. Everybody can relate to wanting to be part of the fun or feeling anxious about biting off more than you can chomp." When asked about the robots questioning society, he answers "you may think a robot is totally boring at first glance. But then you hang out and discover you both share an equal love of Prince or something else!"

He has exhibited at the ICA, Worcester Art Museum, LAB, in Massachusetts, as well as in New York, Montreal, and Japan. Fish's work has been commissioned professionally by the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA), the Berwick Institute, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Nike, MTV, Deitch Projects, Company One, Harmonix Music Systems, IdN, Adobe, and The Weekly Dig. Fish earned his BFA in S.I.M. (New Media) from Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

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Matthew Zaremba

Extended Family

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Deniol Alva

Mexico City based artist, addicted to the creation of images in a wide variety of media : stencil, drawing, digital & painting. He is strongly influenced by his massive ancient city, L.A.'s mexican-american subculture and Melbourne CBD's graffiti covered lanes and alleyways.

He has collaborated with Upper Playground releasing a capsule collection of 4 t-shirts, mexican skateboard brand Borracho Wheels, and the latest sinister master plan amongst Antidesigns & UGHH 'Los Reyes del Hip Hop'. He's also made poster artwork for Melbourne city based bands Nahuatl Soundsystem & Cumbia Cosmonauts. You can check out his work @ danielalva.blogspot.com
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