Mexico City’s Deniol Alva releases his newest collection of tees, Los Reyes Del Hip Hop, a collaboration with Boston’s Anti Designs & Fresh off his capsule collection with Upper Playground, Deniol keeps the momentum with 3 takes on some of Hip Hop’s greatest – Big Daddy Kane, KRS One & Afrika Bambaataa. Influenced by colorful Mexico City, Deniol describes his home city as…”a good mash-up of fresh breakbeats with the nastiest old-school cumbia. We are enjoying our surreal, noisy, flashy streets, and we┬┤re spicing up our creativity with that folklore.” Deniol captures this same mix in Los Reyes Del Hip Hop collection by putting a twist on the names of these classic artists and visualizing them in a colorful, original Mexican style. Deniol saw these as a perfect collection under the UGHH brand and alongside Anti Designs, we’re proud to announce the release of the collection.

Boston based company, Anti Designs, began in the summer of 2004 off some loose change, hard work and the desire to vent creativity. Co-founder, Jay, has been day-dreaming of having his characters on t-shirts since he was in elementary school and in 2000 he moved from the heart burbs to the Bean for college. It was here that he first met Slash and his cronies, and from there the madness began. Anti Designs continues to collaborate with many artists under their moniker and are devoted to getting fresh, original designs on quality, affordable gear. As D.I.Y. as it gets, Jay has worked many years to refine the skill of silk screening…deep into every shirt is the blood sweat and tears of Anti.

These shirts are now available for pre-order, starting today, at Click the link and get fresh.

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