Live screen printing at Hubweek

In 2017, we collaborated on an immense project called Neon Dream at Hubweek. Our fellow collaborators included Trifecta Editions, Cyrille Conan, and Steez Design. We did a lot of different things for this event, but today’s blog post is going to focus specifically on the Live Screen Printing at Hubweek. Before we get into that, […]

Live screen printing ICA Boston

We got the opportunity to do some live screen printing at the ICA in Boston last month. We were a part of the First Fridays event in December 2022 hosted by Allyoucaneat. We’ve printed at the ICA a few times over the years, and its by far our favorite place to do onsite screen printing. […]

Merch design for Bryony & Birch

Early in 2021, we were introduced to the team at Bryony & Birch. Things were just getting started for them and they were looking to create some merch design for their studio. They had some logo treatments already made and were looking for us to play with placement, sizing, print location and eventually we got […]

Graphic design for capoeira

We’ve had the pleasure of creating graphic design for Boston capoeira groups for a number of years. Most of the design work that we’ve done has been t-shirt design for different events, but we’ve also done a number of flyer and certificate design. Some of our very first opportunities within the realm of graphic design […]

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