The past few months have been crazy, and I’ve finally carved out a moment to post some photos of the studio move from this past May. AntiDesigns left its tiny studio space (literally around 130sq ft) in Norwood, MA to move into the Distillery in South Boston. The Norwood space was sort of miserable all-around. It had low ceilings (6 1/2 feet), death dust, a loooong commute out there, and you had to climb a ladder to get to it. If you’re wondering why you were never invited out there, well… there was a reason! But all that being said, it was our home for 5 years and we loved the shit out of it. Many thanks go out to Luke Adams for hosting us for so long… Anti’s forever in your debt!

516 e 2nd st, Suite #40
Boston, MA 02127

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