If you’ve ever screen printed before, you know that the clean up process is usually the least fun part of the job. Over the past few years we’ve had our share of sink mishaps… from cleaning screens in our kitchen sink in Fenway, to our kitchen sink in Dorchester (ha!), to two or three slop sinks in Norwood… regardless of the sink, the splatter factor is always an issue. I think we painted the walls of the Norwood studio’s “sink room” (read bathroom) every 6 months or so.

Step into the now and we just picked up this dream sink setup. Back lit, splatter walls, and enough water pressure to push a hole into your 305 mesh – this sink has made our year.Sink of Destiny - BuildingSink of Destiny - Building2Sink of Destiny - DIY Back lightsSink of Destiny - in placeSink of Destiny - screenSink of Destiny - lightsSink of Destiny - screen litSink of Destiny

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