We were asked to print some different items for RA the Rugged Man last month. We’ve done a bunch of t-shirt printing for him, but this time around his team was looking for prints on metal dog tags and camo 5-panel hats. Always up for a challenge, we took this one head on.

Screen printing the dog tags was a little tricky because they have a little thickness to them and the print we were asked to do was really tiny. Decided to go with a black one-shot enamel for printing on the metal because everything else wiped right off during our initial print tests. The final prints looked great and we’re happy with the way they turned out.

The hats were pretty straight forward. Used the low-profile hat screen so that we could get the print close to the brim on the hat press we created last year. Results were solid, even on the camo hats.

If you’re looking to create something like this for your next project, head over to our contact page and send us some details on what you’re looking for!

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