We had the opportunity to create some silkscreen posters for Teklife & Ashes57 at the beginning of the summer. Fresh out of quarantine, we were eager to get back to creating posters and the artwork we received for these had us really excited to get back on press!

We were completely sidelined when COVID hit, like many other businesses across the country. Massachusetts had it really bad in the beginning but we followed the recommendations and hunkered down. Just about all of our projects vaporized in March and April so when we started getting pricing requests again it was a blessing.

I had seen Ashes57’s artwork back in the late 2000s on a cover for an album Wu-Tang did called Enter the Dubstep. It’s strange how some pieces of art stick with you. The detail in her artwork is pretty incredible and on top of that it’s really suited for screen printing. It’s always a shame when some spends all the time to create something and finds out it isn’t printable.

While creating these silkscreen posters, we turned on the old digital camera and created this little process / hype video. This video was made during the first of two different posters we created during the summer of 2020. This piece is titled “Bowery 2020” and can be purchased either at ashes57art.com or teklifestore.

If you’re looking for help creating silkscreen posters, feel free to reach out to us.

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