We didn’t know this, but Truly is a Boston-based company! Some of their team members saw us at a live screen printing event we did in Fenway. They wanted to do a live printing brand activation for a new line of Vodka Seltzer they were releasing. They were excited at the possibility, but they weren’t sure how to make it fit. We talked through a couple ideas and landed on printing shirts at an industry launch event. We went through a couple iterations of design concepts.

Design1: Color

The new line had four different flavors, each with its own colorway. The color of the type treatment on the can was derived from the two main ingredients in the flavor. Our first pass at the t-shirt designs used this same idea. We pulled the colors from the fruit and matched them to an t-shirt/ink colorway. The ink needed to pop on the shirt when printed in a live print environment, so we had to choose properly. Here’s what we came up with for that first pass.

Design2: Fruit focus

After we cracked the ice on the first set of designs, things started to flow a bit. Our second idea was to go with something more graphical. It incorporated the colors of each flavor, but also gave the fruit more of a visual representation. Because the shirt designs had to be single color, the fruit visual would need to be simplified into a halftone graphic. Here’s the first design we created for that idea:

Final design

After some feedback, we came up with the final design that combined the two ideas. We chose a Bella+Canvas 3001 t-shirt color that closely matched the color of the Truly Vodka Seltzer can. Then we halftoned each fruit design and added it to the bottom of rectangle lockup. There was a push to have the “there’s vodka in this” wordmark and we decided to preprint all the shirts with that on the back. At the live print event, each guest could choose one of the four flavors they tried throughout the night and have it printed on the spot.

And here some are some photos from the night of the live printing brand activation event:

If you’re looking to work with us on a brand activation that involves live screen printing don’t hesitate to reach out.

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