AntiDesigns on Thrillist

AntiDesigns got some good press from the people at Thrillist on Monday this week. We had no idea that was happening, so it was a real nice surprise – big thanks go to whomever was involved in making that happen. The original link is here.

We got a bunch of feedback from the post and one thing I’d like to make clear is that we don’t have a shirt available with the tricycle dude from back bay on it. We never had one, actually. We did joke about it, a whole lot though. So much so, that (no lie) on my way back from MAGIC two weeks ago I sketched out this little ditty out from a quick phone photo I got of the man in question this past summer while he was riding through the Commons:

So when I read the post and caught this line: “with an urban streetwear vibe and decidedly local flavor, like a wearable version of that dude who rides the cart bike through Back Bay screaming WOOO” I gotta wonder who the hell these people are and how they got inside our heads!

Btw that hand-drawn header action on the top of thrillist/boston is very nice.

UGHH shouts Anti

“The fiercely independent, D.I.Y. clothing kings of Boston, Anti Designs, have teamed up with to lace you with some superfly shirts right in time for the holiday season! The Anti always comes correct with clean compositions, strong designs and excellent artistry on smooth, high quality tees at great prices…”
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