12 Reasons to Die

We recently had the opportunity to collaborate with Get On Down on a Deluxe Edition of Ghostface Killah’s latest album, 12 Reasons to Die. Produced by Adrian Younge, the album has been described as a movie for your ears and is a must listen as far as we’re concerned.

When we started creating the boxes for the Deluxe Edition, our friend Samps came to the studio and created this process video:

While that video was being made, we had the idea to create the print you see in that video (3-color print on white box) onto some wood panels Jay LaCouture had been doing his personal work on. The wood panels were just a little bit smaller than the white boxes, but we improvised the press for the couple pieces we created. The sentiment was that we all do so much work with each other and we’re so busy getting all these projects done, we never take the time to say thank you. And that’s all it was.

We printed two wood panels that day and surprised the folks at Get on Down with the prints. They looked great and Matt and crew responded to them really well. 10 minutes later, we’re discussing creating a Private Press version of the album that included the wood panels along with a slew of other items. The rest is history. We created 100 wood panels for the Private Press edition and they sold out on Get on Down in about 48 hours or so.

While you’re hanging out watching videos with us, check out this crate digger video the knuckleheads at found on the producer of this album, Adrian Younge.

Printing the Original Raw Soul III for Now-Again Records

Back in December, Now-Again Records released their “Original Raw Soul III” (previously only available on CD) as a limited-edition 2LP set. The release features new artwork by Lewis Heriz and AntiDesigns had the task of creating 500 hand pulled screen prints on the front and back of the chipboard jackets. Check out some process photos below!

National Poster Retrospecticus Mailers

We recently printed up some mailers for our friends over at the National Poster Retrospecticus. The National Poster Retrospecticus is a collection of hand printed event posters from artists, designers, and events around the country. We had the pleasure to print up a handful of shirts for them as well as some Tyvek mailers to match. The mailers were hand screen printed with a water based, acrylic ink and can be seen in the photos below!

Pat Falco: Sentimental Gesture Prints

This Saturday, January 19th, international man of mystery Pat Falco shows new and recent works at Thomas Young Studios in South Boston. Pat reached out to us to create some posters for the event, and we were happy to work on this one-color split fountain print. The prints create a nice twilight feel, and we had a lot of fun creating them. Check the process shots below, and the video teaser for the event on Saturday… and swing by if you’re in the neighborhood – they’ll be tons and tons of work.

CMYK Adventure Print : Process

4-color process printing is something every printer drools about as they learn how to screen print. The general gist is you use Cyan Magenta Yellow K-black inks overlapping each other to create a full color image. Many years in the making, and after one complete fail attempt, we successfully created this 16×12″ 4-color process print of a photograph taken at Boston’s reflecting pool in the Back Bay. Below are some process shots taken during the creation of the print, which is available for purchase in the art print section of our store.

CMYK Love Print : Process

The past couple weeks have been the busiest weeks of our lives! The first batch of Man With the Iron Fists prints were completed in under a week – all 3000 prints worth. After laying down all those prints, we were itching to getting some of our own prints created for next week’s South Boston Open Studios. Without too much planning and in the spirit of experimenting, we created three new CMYK prints. Below are some process pics we took in the process of creating the first in the series, the CMYK Love Print:

Man With the Iron Fists Screen Prints

AntiDesigns got the opportunity to print a limited edition version of the Man With the Iron Firsts Soundtrack for our homies at Get On Down. Limited to 500 pieces, the 12″ red vinyl is comes in jackets screen printed in our studio in South Boston.

The double vinyl soundtrack is housed in two separate jackets. We pulled a one-color title print on the front of each jacket, and for the back prints we pieced each of the 2 jackets together to create a 2-color print that spans across both jackets. The result is a pair of album jackets screen printed in such a way that no two pairs will be alike.

For purchasing information, head over to Get on Down, they are going quickly though.

Here are a couple process shots taken in the studio. Check out the full photoset of process pics on our Facebook page.
man with the iron fists screen printed jackets man with the iron fists soundtrack screen prints

It goes without saying, but being kung-fu movie fanatics, we’re super excited to be working on this project. If you haven’t checked out the trailer for the new film, give it a watch, this movie looks like a future classic.

Cultures of Soul latest prints

Last month, Somerville imprint Cultures of Soul asked us to print some merch for an upcoming relases of theirs, Evans’ Pyramid. Here are a couple process shots taken during the printing of the front cover artwork shirt.