Must watch videos 2013

Hi there. We’ve been super busy in the studio lately and haven’t been able to keep up with letting you know about what we’re working on as much as we’d like to. The best way to keep up with what we’re up to is to follow us on instagram: @antidesigns.

As we’ve been furiously creating things over the past few months, our talented friends have been doing so as well. Here are a couple process videos from our pals Josh Falk, Dana Woulfe, Nick Z and MrNVR:

National Poster Retrospecticus Tour

The National Poster Retrospecticus is a collection of over 300 hand printed event posters touring the USA in April of 2013.

Our close friends at Lincoln Arts Project, in collaboration with JP Boneyard, are taking their NPR event on the road next spring, but to do so they need your help! They have started a kickstarter and are on the way to reaching their funding goal.

Give them a hand by following the link to the kickstarter.

Friends With Benefits Recap [Video]

MRNVR put together this nice little recap video of last week’s Friends With Benefits opening at the Distillery Gallery. The opening was a blast, lots of great people in attendance, and the show runs until the end of the month. Swing through if you have a chance…

And there’s photos from the event on the Project SF site here

David Choe Boston Interview circa 2007

We’ve been lending a hand to UndergroundHipHop.com (UGHH) here and there with programming some of the sections of their website, most recently the video section. There’s a whole lot of videos on there that are completely buried (for now), and one of the gems that’s just been discovered from the vaults is this series of interviews UGHH’s Van Stylez did with David Choe. Filmed at the GoodLife, find out what Van Stylez says to get Choe to say: “Boston’s like the most fucking racist place I’ve ever been.”

Spring loaded monster

Recently got a tip from our friend James Weinberg about a ridiculous deal on a big spring-loaded drying rack. “Big” doesn’t really do this thing justice, and when it was shipped to the Distillery it didn’t fit in either of our studio doors! We had to take apart the rack, tray by tray, and turn the frame sideways in order to squeeze it in between the door frame.

Spring loadedRack in StudioTrays outside studioHalfway