Our friends at House of Roulx have been cranking out amazing work for the last few years. They recently asked us to create a limited edition set of silk screen posters for Thomas Wimberly.

We have to edit the files that are handed to us for print just about 99% of the time. This time around, the file was all set up and ready to go. The dither halftone technique used to create the illusion of many hues of color is down-right masterful. Seeing that all setup and ready to go, we were psyched to get this project on press.

We used our favorite paper supplier, French Paper, on these prints. An 80# Cream Speckletone was requested by the artist and we were initially concerned that the paper would warp because of the amount ink coverage printed down. However, when we went to print the paper held up great. Every time we print 80# paper there’s some doubt but it always comes through! It seems to light for posters but it actually has this elegant quality to its lightness.

Below are some of the process shots taken while creating these silk screen posters. We setup the print by laying down the film as a registration template. With that down, we measured out exactly where the paper would land so that the print was where the artist wanted it.

Super happy with the way these turned out. If you are interested in having our Boston based print shop create some posters, head over to our poster screen printing page.

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