Moving the Studio – Part 1

The past few months have been crazy, and I’ve finally carved out a moment to post some photos of the studio move from this past May. AntiDesigns left its tiny studio space (literally around 130sq ft) in Norwood, MA to move into the Distillery in South Boston. The Norwood space was sort of miserable all-around. […]

Greg Lamarche’s “Old Habits Die Hard” Screen Prints for Bodega

I got the opportunity to print some dope artwork this week for the Greg Lamarche popup shop at Fourth Wall, where these 18×24 prints will be available for purchase. Check out these process pics we made while printing Greg Lamarche’s “Old Habits Die Hard” screen printed posters.

AntiDesigns on Thrillist

AntiDesigns got some good press from the people at Thrillist on Monday this week. We had no idea that was happening, so it was a real nice surprise – big thanks go to whomever was involved in making that happen. The original link is here. We got a bunch of feedback from the post and […]

Hello and Goodbye

We’ve been meaning to start a blog for a long time and are happy you have found your way here.A good place to start this whole thing is with the big change that’s happened with us this year. Stiles, one of our founders back in 04, has stepped out of an owner’s role at the […]

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