Printing the Original Raw Soul III for Now-Again Records

Back in December, Now-Again Records released their “Original Raw Soul III” (previously only available on CD) as a limited-edition 2LP set. The release features new artwork by Lewis Heriz and AntiDesigns had the task of creating 500 hand pulled screen prints on the front and back of the chipboard jackets. Check out some process photos below!

National Poster Retrospecticus Mailers

We recently printed up some mailers for our friends over at the National Poster Retrospecticus. The National Poster Retrospecticus is a collection of hand printed event posters from artists, designers, and events around the country. We had the pleasure to print up a handful of shirts for them as well as some Tyvek mailers to match. The mailers were hand screen printed with a water based, acrylic ink and can be seen in the photos below!

New Mailers

Summer is treating AntiDesigns really well so far and there’s a lot of things to catch up on.

Over the years, we’ve printed custom graphics onto the USPS mailers we send our orders out with. We’ve always used Priority mail as our go to ship method and there’s been a lot of people asking if they can get a more budget-friendly option.

All orders going out within the US will be shipped with these new tyvek mailers. The first run was printed in red and we’ll be printing up a few more short runs in different colors over the next few months. Stay tuned.

MBTA Spider Map Hoodies

In addition to working with amazingly talented artists on our own line of graphic stylings, AntiDesigns does a lot of custom screen printing for various businesses and groups in the Boston area. At the start of 2011, we began doing all of the screen printing for the MBTA gifts website,

Just in time for hoodie season, AntiDesigns created this 5-color spider map hoodie print for MBTAGifts and various retailers in and around Boston. Check the process shots below…


Painting with Prints [Video]

Four AntiDesigns team members, Jay LaCouture, Keith Zoo, Josh Falk, and Mikey Maker, got together to collaborate on a one of a kind screen print collage for an upcoming collective group show. Using 15-25 different pre-existing screens, the group painted 3 pieces of found-cardboard using somewhere around 100 passes of the squeegee.The resulting piece is now showing at the Lincoln Arts Project gallery in Waltham, MA until October 28, 2011, as part of the Boston Art Collective show, curated by Fish McGill.Collectives Show

Sink of Destiny

If you’ve ever screen printed before, you know that the clean up process is usually the least fun part of the job. Over the past few years we’ve had our share of sink mishaps… from cleaning screens in our kitchen sink in Fenway, to our kitchen sink in Dorchester (ha!), to two or three slop sinks in Norwood… regardless of the sink, the splatter factor is always an issue. I think we painted the walls of the Norwood studio’s “sink room” (read bathroom) every 6 months or so.

Step into the now and we just picked up this dream sink setup. Back lit, splatter walls, and enough water pressure to push a hole into your 305 mesh – this sink has made our year.Sink of Destiny - BuildingSink of Destiny - Building2Sink of Destiny - DIY Back lightsSink of Destiny - in placeSink of Destiny - screenSink of Destiny - lightsSink of Destiny - screen litSink of Destiny

Printing Boston’s Subway Map – Video

Through our friends at Ward Maps and Boston Coasters, AntiDesigns printed the MBTA’s subway map on a couple different t-shirts and hoodie styles. I put together this little video to show the process. Everything will be available on once the site goes live…

This print is a 5-color, hand-pulled screen print. The red and blue lines were printed wet-on-wet, as were the orange and green lines. This video was shot while I printed the last two shirts of the production, that’s why you see each of the screens come down twice. The product developers decided to do runs of shirts WITH the station names and WITHOUT them. I really like the look of the subway map without the station names, and tip my hat to the people pushing to do both styles…

Music by the Gaslampkiller / Gonjasufi ripped off the Low End Theory Podcast #19.