We print hats now

Last month Alex from Dance Party Massacre approached us with a challenge: printing on hats. Full disclosure: we’ve never printed hats before. Screen printing on hats is something we’ve thought about plenty of times and probably talked about it twenty or thirty times, but never had anything to break that want vs. need ratio.

With a bit of research help from Alex, we decided to stray away from purchasing a press attachment for printing hats. There were a couple DIY folks who built their own hat presses, and there was no reason we couldn’t do the same. So on a hot summer afternoon Jay reversed engineered one of the DIY presses and we were really happy with the results. Photos below:

New Mailers

Summer is treating AntiDesigns really well so far and there’s a lot of things to catch up on.

Over the years, we’ve printed custom graphics onto the USPS mailers we send our orders out with. We’ve always used Priority mail as our go to ship method and there’s been a lot of people asking if they can get a more budget-friendly option.

All orders going out within the US will be shipped with these new tyvek mailers. The first run was printed in red and we’ll be printing up a few more short runs in different colors over the next few months. Stay tuned.

KeithZoo collab print & t-shirts

Boston illustration superstar KeithZoo hit AntiDesigns up last month to get some t-shirts printed up. He had this Space illustration he wanted on gold (guys) and aqua (girls) shirts. We gladly helped him out with that, and after perusing the studio he decided he wanted to put the print on wood as well for an upcoming show.

Keith took care of some background work and pre-print prep on the wooden boxes. Anti took care of the screen prints on the wood itself. Below are some process pics taken in the studio.

Whats For Lunch Yo! Collab

Young innovator Courtney Moy came through with a dope idea for some collaboration prints last month. She created a set of take-out style items for purchase at open studios, going the whole nine yards screen printing on pizza boxes (the sides too) with options like magnets, zines, t-shirts, and tank tops. AntiDesigns helped her print the tank top, which was a crazy pink / purple / blue natural blend, and a tight 3-color front, 3-color back hot sauce tee. Check the photos below and holler at Courtney to pickup your pizza box…

Evoker Owl Print in Red

The last batch of Evoker Owl prints (in the orange, blue, and brown colorway) sold out pretty quickly between sales here and off of Evoker’s site. He decided to put together another colorway, and they look great. Had a lot of fun printing these 18"x18" prints as the last run on our old, mini drying rack. Evoker has just released 5 of the prints on his products page, and we have just 1 print to sell here. Check out the process pics below:

Pre press setupColor TestsLast use of RackOrange ScreenOrange LayerNew RackPrecut Prints

Evoker Owl Red Print